Our company

De Haardt B.V. has its headquarters in Elst (Gld) in the Netherlands. With a small, closely knit team, we develop, produce and sell a safety and time registration system for go-kart tracks. We are a global leader in this field.

In 1998 De Haardt developed its first safety system for go-kart tracks. A safety tool that can be used on every go-kart track, where the safety of customers and personnel and the preservation of material are priority number one.

Affordable and functional; that was our objective at the time. Now this safety system has been further developed into the Xtra.Safety and Xtra.Timing System, still affordable and functional, but now with many more options.

The system is structured in such a way that you can use extra options to create a complete system that organises everything and registers what is happening on your go-kart track.