Xtra.Sector Beacon

Firstly, the Xtra.Sector Beacon can be used for the automatic speed restriction for all go-karts that drive into the pit lane.

In addition, dangerous bends on the track can be marked so that go-karts receive a signal in advance that it is temporarily not possible to drive at full speed.

By dividing your track into sectors, in case of an unsafe situation, you can also use the remote control to temporarily restrict or stop all go-karts that drive into the sector in question .


  • Dimensions
    LxWxT=116x91x81 mm
  • Weight
    Beacon approx. 420 gram Adapter approx 875 gram
  • Temperature range
    -10 to +55 degrees Celsius
  • Display
  • Power supply
    12V DC through 8p- MINI DIN waterproof connector. Mains adapter is supplied with the system.