Safety System

Action! Speed! Adrenalin! That’s what you are offering your customers. That’s what go-karting is all about! But it also involves certain risks. In just a few seconds, one person can cause enormous damage. Material damage that can quickly reach tens of thousands of euros or - even worse - injury with all the associated liability consequences.

The Xtra.Safety System enables you, with one press of the button, to bring all or a number of the karts or one specific kart to a standstill in case of a dangerous situation. This way you can intervene from the sidelines before something happens. A safe way of working for your personnel on the track and an assuring feeling for your customers!

The basic system consists of a lightweight and user-friendly remote control: the Xtra.Remote Control or the Xtra.Mini Remote Control. This is linked to the Xtra.Shutdown Transponders, which are fitted to your go-karts. The Xtra.Safety System is available for both fuel and electric engines.

The basic system can be expanded with various options, such as computer operation, pit lane protection or emergency stop buttons.

Information about possible expansions:

The Xtra.Safety System can be connected to a computer by means of an Xtra.Range Extender so that you can operate the system from your computer.
The Xtra.Range Extender also extends the range of the remote control on your go-kart track.

Another interesting feature involves automatically slowing down the go-karts before they drive into the pit lane. As soon as the Xtra.Sector Sensor fitted on the go-kart passes the loop of the Xtra.Sector Beacon, the go-kart will reduce speed automatically. As soon as the go-kart leaves the pit lane again, the Xtra.Sector Sensor receives a signal through a second loop so that it is again possible to drive at full speed .

One or more Xtra.Emergency STOP Buttons can be positioned on the go-kart track at locations where there are visitors and/or employees. In case of an emergency, you can easily intervene with a simple press of the button to immediately bring all the karts to a standstill!

Safety System products