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Xtra.Safety System Products

Action! Speed! Adrenalin! That’s what you are offering your customers. That’s what go-karting is all about! But it also involves certain risks. In just a few seconds, one person can cause enormous damage. Material damage that can quickly reach tens of thousands of euros or - even worse - injury with all the associated liability consequences.


Xtra.Remote Control

Lightweight and user-friendly remote control for your track personnel

  • Monitor the speed of one go-kart, a particular group of go-karts or all go-karts at the same time
  • Operate the race lamps and/or other devices in the Xtra.series
  • Assign go-kart numbers and adapt customer-specific settings


Xtra.Mini Remote Control

An additional mini remote control for your track personnel

  • Monitor the speed of all go-karts
  • Possibility to operate the race lamps


Xtra.CDI Shutdown Transponder

This transponder has been designed for petrol-driven go-karts

  • For petrol engines in the range of GX120 to GX 390
  • Communicates with the Xtra.(Mini) Remote control
  • Checks the speeds of the go-karts


Xtra.EV Shutdown Transponder

This transponder was designed for electric go-karts

  • For all types of motor controllers
  • Communicates with the mini or regular remote control
  • Checks the speeds of the go-karts


Xtra.Range Extender

A range extender can be used to obtain the full range on your go-kart track

  • Increase the range of the products in the Xtra.series by copying messages
  • Ready to use, installation not necessary
  • Can also be used as PC interface/access port



With an Xtra.Beacon, you can divide your track into sectors

  • Marks specific sectors using electromagnetic loops
  • Every loop has its own ID and/or function, which is picked up by the Xtra.Sensor



The Xtra.Sensor must be used in combination with one of the available transponders - Detects the loops of the Xtra.Beacon - Measure the lap time when the go-kart passes the loop - Also includes functionalities for sector protection