Xtra.Mini Remote Control

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The mini remote control is an attractively priced extra tool when several people are monitoring the track in different places.

This mini remote control is supplied as standard with a carrying strap and has a range of approximately 50 meters.

By installing an Xtra.Range Extender, the range of the mini remote control can be significantly increased!


Batteries 1 x C2430 lithium coin cell
Power supply Battery
Dimensions LxWxT=76,5x43,5x18,5 mm
Weight Approx. 20 gram, including battery
Default Speed 1 limit Fuel: 2100 RPM / EV: speed 1 - ALL KARTS ONLY
Default Speed 2 limit Fuel: 3000 RPM / EV: speed 2 - ALL KARTS ONLY
Default Speed 3 limit Fuel: 4000 RPM / EV: speed 3 - ALL KARTS ONLY
Default Speed 4 limit Fuel: No limit / EV: No limit - ALL KARTS ONLY
Temperature range 0 … +55 degrees Celsius
Humidity Max 85% relative
Keyboard 6 buttons, 4 speed buttons, 1 stop button and 1 button for configuring
Number of tracks to be controlled 4
Traffic, Racelight control Yes
Carriage bag Keycord included
Software upgradable No
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