Xtra.Remote Control

With this portable remote control, your track personnel have full control over the go-karts. It is supplied as standard with a rubber protective cover. The range of a remote control…

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Xtra.Location System

Do you want to know exactly where every go-kart is located on the track, to the last centimetre? This will soon be possible with De Haardt’s Xtra.Location System.

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Xtra.Safety System

Action! Speed! Adrenalin! That’s what you are offering your customers. That’s what go-karting is all about! But it also involves certain risks. In just a few seconds, one person can…

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Xtra.Timing System

The Xtra.Timing System gives you control over your go-kart track using just one system. The great advantage of the Xtra.Timing System is the fact that the Xtra. Safety System is…

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De Haardt has developed the Xtra.Safety System specially for you: a safety tool that can be used on every go-kart track, where the safety of customers and personnel and the…

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